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Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social Recommendations powered by people you know and trust.

Connect with your friends, create your Top 5 lists, take photos of your favorites dishes and never go out to eat unprepared again.

Taste the Future. Recommendations from people you know and trust.

Our Tastiest Features

Everything you need to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play. For free.

Top 5 Lists

Create a Top 5 list in over 20 categories to give people who follow you the best idea of where and what to try!

Follow friends

Follow friends to see their Top 5 lists and also find out the Overall Top 5 amongst all your friends.

Photos & Taste Tags

Take pictures of your favorite dishes and tag them with your taste profile so Cinco can learn not only where you like to eat, but what you like to eat as well.

Trusted Recommendations

Cinco only shows you the lists of people you know and trust, giving you peace of mind when choosing a place to go.

Search Anywhere

Cinco not only gives you the best local recommendations, but allows you to search anywhere within the US to plan ahead on your next trip.

Give feedback

Give direct feedback to any location to help them take action to better their business and keep you happy.

Cinco allows users to build their own Top 5 lists from over 20 categories.

With only 5 places allowed per list, Cinco keeps recommendations current and makes sure that only your very favorite places at the time are included.

Because of this fact our Dynamic Social Recommendation Engine ensures that your results are always fresh and never stale.

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Every list you make, gives your followers another trusted review and the ability to find new exciting places to go Eat, Drink & Play.

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Cinco's powerful search engine shows you the best places to go nearby or anywhere in the United States.

To help you quickly find the right place, search can be filtered by places found in any of Friends' lists or places that have been High-Fived.

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Never Miss a Great Meal

Through the activity feed and push notifications you will never miss finding out about the hot new place or an amazing dish to try.

Edit Your Lists

Dynamic list editing allows users to easily reorder any of there Top 5 choices as tastes and locations change.

We help businesses taste success!

Hostess provides businesses with a platform that delivers actionable data. Doesn't that sound delicious?


Just a little sampling of what Cinco can do for you.

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