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Eat, Drink & Play

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Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social Recommendations powered by people you know and trust.

Connect with your friends, create and share your Top 5 favorite places in various categories, and you will instantly know the best place for the specific occasion.

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Cinco allows users to create their own Top 5 lists from over 20 categories.

With only 5 places per list, Cinco keeps recommendations fresh and makes sure that only the best places are included.

Every list you make, gives your followers another trusted review and the ability to find new exciting places to go Eat, Drink & Play.

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Cinco's powerful search engine shows you the best places to go nearby or anywhere in the United States.

To help you quickly find the right place, search can be filtered by places found in your Friends' lists, Tastemakers' lists or places that have been High-Fived.

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Top 5

Top 5 Lists

Create a Top 5 list in over 20 categories to give people who follow you the best idea of where to try!


Follow friends

Follow friends to see their Top 5 and the Overall Top 5 amongst your friends.


Give feedback

Give direct feedback to any location to help them take action to better their business.

Trusted Recommendations

Trusted Recommendations

Cinco only shows you the lists of people you know and trust, giving you confidence when choosing a place to go.



Tastemakers are vetted users selected by Cinco to offer more trusted recommendations. Use the app & create a following to become a Tastemaker as well.


Search Anywhere

Cinco not only gives you the best local recommendations, but allows you to search anywhere within the US to plan ahead.

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App Store

Cinco is easy to use and and available anytime and anyplace. All you need to do is invite your contacts, Facebook friends or Twitter followers to get ever changing Dynamic Social Recommendations.

Cinco has a patent pending alogrithm that shows you the Top 5 places amongst only the people you know and trust. We exclude stale data from the results and update them in real-time as the people you follow make changes, to only show you the Top 5 places for you.


Follow Tastemakers

Tastemakers are available to everyone who uses Cinco, so you always have trusted and verified resources to find the perfect recommendation.

Edit Your Lists

Dynamic list editing allows users to easily reorder any of there Top 5 choices as tastes and locations change.

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